Der Kali Prozess (2003)

Review: Der Kali Prozess (2003)

Plot: In a acting school in Berlin. The mysterious Elia organizes a course for improving the acting talents, which he calls the "Kali-Process". This technique he learned mid-80s by the infamous "Taylor-Eriksson-Group" in a camp in India. 3 students attend the course and be picked up by Elia on a dangerous journey in their innermost self, which develops into a dangerous trip for everyone involved. Thematically related precursor to "Tears of Kali"(2004).

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Andreas Marschall&#8217;s <i>Tears of Kali</i> (2004)

Andreas Marschall’s Tears of Kali (2004)

I had to overcome numerous unforeseen difficulties to see Tears of Kali (2004), the first feature by German director Andreas Marschall (Masks, 2011), a stylish and artful collection of three loosely connected horror stories linked to a dangerous […]

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