All White in Barking (2007)

Review: All White in Barking (2007)

Director: Marc Isaacs

Plot: All White in Barking is a compassionate and illuminating documentary probing the attitudes of Barking's white residents toward their new immigrant neighbours. Isaacs is an unseen, but prominent, presence, questioning prejudices and prying at preconceptions with remarkable results to produce a vivid picture of the attitudes and perceptions at the heart of an increasingly multicultural Britain.

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DVD of the Week: <i>All White in Barking/Men of the City</i>

DVD of the Week: All White in Barking/Men of the City

I envy Marc Isaacs. Not just because he’s one of the best documentary filmmakers now working in Britain (or anywhere, for that matter), but because he’s found a sympathetic producer in Nick Fraser of the BBC who understands what […]

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