Appelez-moi Madame (1987)

Review: Appelez-moi Madame (1987)

Director: Fran├žoise Romand

Plot: Gallic filmmaker Fran├žoise Romand helmed this unusual French-language human interest documentary in 1986. The work travels to a small French village, where a male Communist activist with an apparently happy marriage and family decides to become a transsexual with his wife's unbridled support. The subject ultimately renames herself Ovida Delecte . Meanwhile, the couple's teenage son harbors some serious reservations about his father's transsexuality.

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Francoise Romand: <i>The Camera I</i>

Francoise Romand: The Camera I

French filmmaker Francoise Romand debuted in 1986 with a remarkable documentary called Mix-Up ou meli-melo. In telling the story of two English families whose lives were tangled by fate when their babies were inadvertently switched at birth, […]

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