Shades of Gray (1948)

Review: Shades of Gray (1948)

Director: Joseph Henabery

Plot: After the suppression of "Let There Be Light" (a documentary about combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorders which presented many inconvenient and demoralizing truths), the U.S. Army Signal Corp created this dramatized up-beat remake of the film. Only this time, the production excluded the involvement of John Houston, the producer of the original documentary.

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John Huston&#8217;s <i>Let There Be Light</i> (1946)

John Huston’s Let There Be Light (1946)

I sometimes feel kind of oppressed by the Internet – too much stuff to look at and read, and not enough time. I know I miss a lot, but you can’t spend all your time surfing. So it’s always a pleasure when someone you do check in […]

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